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i could not hold in my exitment i just love the hollidays like going to places even if it is just your friends house or just staying at your own house.

It was the last day at school and i new this was comming but i needed to attend my after school detention i was so exited but it was a shame when everyone went out of school with there friends and i was sitting in detention. as soon at the teacher said we could go i felt like i was at the top of the moon it was the hollidays at last.

day 1: i went to my friend clairs house and it was really fun.
day 2: i went home and got a phone call it was my friend jess she asked me if i wanted to come ouer i said yes
day 3: i set up a tent at jessicas house and yeah that was fun
day 4: i just stayed and jessicas house
day 5: i stayed at jessicas house

and that is the first 5 days of my hollidays i stayed there for one week it was really fun.
when my mum picked me up from jessicas house i went home mum said where going to geelong water park i said jess can come to. so the next day we went there it was fun. and i just stayed at my house for the rest of the hollidays

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my report


subjects I did pass


I did good in theas because I did ok in my class time and I did do my homework

subjects I did not pass


I think i did good I only did not compleat theas subjects because I did not do my homework

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today in maths i got my test back and it was lots better then all of my other maths tests

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what is nuetral stance?
satnding blank straght with a plain face.

why is the body importent to actors?
so they can peform expreshtion.

today in drama i enjoied everything.

what did i find chalinging i found saying one word to get something out.

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my portfolio


This is the main landing page for my online portfolio.”


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report post


i think my report was good in i learn and food and some other things but i could have done better in science and SOSE and i will try my hardest to be organised.




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